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IVOspa: A SPAce of sensations

Relax and enjoy

Our SPA can be used by adults from 16 years onwards. In the mornings and afternoons we offer a special hour for children from 4-15 years accompanied by their parents.In Spain its obligatory to use swimsuits (incl.sauna and steam bath) .Obligatory use of flip-flops and as well the use of swimming caps inside the pool.Flip-flops and swimming caps can be purchased in the SPA reception.

Turn your holiday into a relaxing and renovating experience in a place full of harmony to rejuvenate and purify your body and mind enjoying a complete thermal circuit.

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Steam room
Ice fountain
Leisure pool
of 34m2
Reactivate your body

The whirpool is recommended by many specialists to combat stress, anxiety and insomnia. This offers very positive effetcts in the blood circulation and also benefits cardiac activity.This also allows the relaxation of the muscles and helps to eliminate toxins.

Through this blast of water pressure oriented in the cervical area of the back which will give you a stimulating massage and an agreeable relaxing sensation. It is importantto combine this with the rest of the circuit to obtain the best therapeutic benefit.

Benefits for your body

This helps to improve the circulation , as the heart beat accelerates to get blood to the top of the skin and to cool it. Also eliminating toxins, deeply cleaning the outer layer of skin (epidermis), eases pain, reconcile better sleep and notable improvement in respiration.

Steam Bath
As newborn

This is a room with hot steam which reaches temperatures of approximately 55º C with a humidity of about 100% , so, the heat accelerates the metabolic functions, increasing respiratio, heart frequency and stimulates the nervous and hormonal system.

The steam produces a balanced dilation of the pores which eliminates toxins and impurities. On dilating the pores and allowing the steam to enter this produces a cleanliness of the skin leaving it very soft and smooth. On the respiratory tract humidified will produce an expectorant effect, for situations like colds, coughs,sinusitis and other effects to the system respiratory.

Ice fountain
A unique feeling

The ice provides a pleasant and refreshing sensation which the body needs apart from the natural peeling after using the heat from the sauna and steam bath.

Cube shower
An invigorating session

A shower with a thermal impact which consists of overturning the bucket of water at a specified temperature onto the body resulting in activating the blood circulation and a multiple of benefits for your health.

Activate your circulation

This is an alley that has a system of thermal water jets from the sides (they alernate from cold to hot water, with also different pressures), and stones on the floor to activate the circulation.

IVOspa treatments
Complete wellness

Convince yourself:You deserve a good massage which will submerge you in a world of calmness and tranquillity! Consult our program of treatments and massages and put yourself in the hands of experts to have an unforgettable memory of complete sensitivity and wellness.

Don´t lose this opportunity to pamper your body and your soul , alone or take note of our \"recommandations for two\" with a double massage which allows you to enjoy a unique experience with your partner.

IVOspa fitness
Healthy mind in healthy body

Remember you can also enjoy our fitness room of 35m2 and outdoor heated swimming pool to activate your energy.

Hotel Ivory Playa
Tel. +34 971 890 142
Carretera de Arta (MA 12), 113
07400 Alcudia
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