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We want to share our commitment to sustainable development with our key stakeholders, employees, our suppliers and our customers. We also want to win the whole tourism sector to identify himself with our sustainability policy and to accept our criteria of continuous improvement.

We are aware that the environment is a key element in the commitment regards sustainable development, but our commitment also relates to the social level. Finally, we are committed to preserve the cultural heritage.
We are convinced that the company is a living organism that must constantly adapt to the environment and develop in order to survive. To achieve this, it is important to be aware of this parameter and involve all our stakeholders.

TUEX, S.A. complies with the international ethical code recognised by the WTO/UNWTO in 2001, which created a framework for the sustainable development of tourism. The firm demonstrates its commitment through efforts to reduce the hotel’s environmental impact that cut across the entire organisation and to create synergies.

We are also an active member of the Balearic network of sustainable hotels and have been awarded with environmental certifications.

1999 the hotel was first awarded for its environmental management by the Chamber of Commerce of the Balearic Islands from Alcudia Town Hall and the hotel has been recognized several times in recent years by the community of Alcudia with the award DISTINTIVO ECOTURISTICO.
Furthermore, the hotel implanted with remarkable success the international environmental management systems EMAS (www.emas.org.uk) and ISO 14001: 2000. In 2015 we received the recognition \"Silver\" for 10 consecutive years of EMAS certification.

Regarding Quality management the hotel was 1999 one of the first hotels in the north of the island, which was awarded the Q of the Spanish tourism institute (ICTE). Always endeavor to satisfy our customers and to improve continuously, the hotel has been certified in 2009 at the international level with the quality management system ISO 9001, which has since been re-recognized every year.

Hotel Ivory Playa
Tel. +34 971 890 142
Carretera de Arta (MA 12), 113
07400 Alcudia
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